JPMS Support: Running Babbler on Java 9 and later


JPMS (coll. “Java 9” or “Jigsaw”) is supported since Babbler 0.8.0. Older versions will not run on JPMS.


Applications compiled for Java 9 and later need to explicitly request access to Babbler modules in their descriptor file. Babbler's module names are:

Basics (Mandatory)

requires rocks.xmpp.addr;
requires rocks.xmpp.core;
requires rocks.xmpp.core.client;
requires rocks.xmpp.extensions;
requires rocks.xmpp.extensions.client;

Debugging (Optional)

requires rocks.xmpp.debug;

JavaFX (Optional)

requires rocks.xmpp.fx;

WebSocket (Optional)

requires rocks.xmpp.websocket;

Non-Blocking I/O (Optional)

requires rocks.xmpp.nio;

Samples (Optional)

requires rocks.xmpp.sample;