XEP-0080: User Location

XEP-0080: User Location allows to communicate the current location of an entity.

How it usually works: One of your contacts publishes its location to its Personal Eventing Service and if you are interested in receiving geo location notifications the service notifies you about the update.

Publishing your Location

Publishing your location to the Personal Eventing Service is as simple as that:

GeoLocationManager geoLocationManager = xmppClient.getManager(GeoLocationManager.class);

Listening for User Location Updates

Enabling the manager indicates, that you are interested in receiving geo location notifications. (This should probably happen implicitly when adding the listener in a future version).

Here's a sample, how to listen for location updates:

GeoLocationManager geoLocationManager = xmppClient.getManager(GeoLocationManager.class);
geoLocationManager.addGeoLocationListener(e -> {
    System.out.println(e.getPublisher() + " updated his location: " + e.getGeoLocation());