Class InBandByteStreamsTransportMethod

  • public final class InBandByteStreamsTransportMethod
    extends TransportMethod
    The implementation of the <transport/> element in the urn:xmpp:jingle:transports:ibb:1 namespace.
    • Constructor Detail

      • InBandByteStreamsTransportMethod

        public InBandByteStreamsTransportMethod​(int blockSize,
                                                String sessionId)
    • Method Detail

      • getBlockSize

        public final int getBlockSize()
        Gets the block size of a data chunk.
        The block size.
      • getSessionId

        public final String getSessionId()
        Gets the IBB session id.
        The session id.
      • getStanzaType

        public final InBandByteStream.Open.StanzaType getStanzaType()
        Gets the stanza type used to transfer data.
        The stanza type or null (which means IQ stanzas are used).