Class Page

  • public final class Page
    extends Object
    The implementation of the <page/> element in the namespace.

    A page is the top-level layout container for data forms. It may contain sections, which partition the page into smaller parts.

    Each page in a data form contains references to a field in the data form, in order to know which fields should be displayed on this page.

    This class is immutable.

    See Also:
    XEP-0141: Data Forms Layout, 3.1 Paging Fields, Section, FieldReference, DataForm.getPages()
    • Constructor Detail

      • Page

        public Page​(String label,
                    Collection<FieldReference> fieldReferences)
        Creates a page.
        label - The label.
        fieldReferences - The field references.
      • Page

        public Page​(String label,
                    Collection<FieldReference> fieldReferences,
                    Collection<String> text,
                    FieldReference reportedReference)
        Creates a page.
        label - The label.
        fieldReferences - The field references.
        text - The text.
        reportedReference - The reference to a reported field.
    • Method Detail

      • getText

        public final List<String> getText()
        Gets additional information for the page.
        Additional information.
      • getFieldReferences

        public final List<FieldReference> getFieldReferences()
        Gets the field references. These are the fields, which appear on this page.
        The field references.
      • getSections

        public final List<Section> getSections()
        Gets the sections for this page.
        The sections.
      • getReportedReference

        public final FieldReference getReportedReference()
        Gets the reported field reference.
        The reported field reference.
      • getLabel

        public final String getLabel()
        Gets the label for this page.
        The label.
      • hashCode

        public final int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object